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S.M.O.C. Skincare

"By far the best soap I've ever used. Natural ingredients, great scents and best of all—no palm oil!

"I feel great using a product that works well and is so environmentally friendly."

Kjell W., Indianapolis, IN
S.M.O.C. Skincare

"Love love love this soap. I was amazed at how my skin no longer needed moisturizer. The dryness was gone.

"And one bar lasted five weeks. That alone makes this soap one-of-a-kind. Because it's so rich and moisturizing, I even use it for shaving.

Kelly B., Beaverton, OR

"S.M.O.C. Skincare soap is delightful and surprisingly long lasting. The creaminess is unbelievable!

"Bathing with it is a sensual experience. Well worth the price!"

Ela Manuela, Juneau, AK

"S.M.O.C. soaps improved my skin moisture. I know they're feeding my skin with healthy ingredients.

What surprises me the most is how long the bars last! They cost less per use than typical soaps."

Greg P., Bend, OR

"This soap is amazing! First of all, it's good to know that all the ingredients come from a good source. Second, the soap feels incredibly soft and sensuous to lather on. And third, one bar lasts seemingly forever. I couldn't recommend it enough!"

Travis D., Portland, OR

Certified Organic and Sustainable


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