Our Origin Story

"S.M.O.C. Skincare was born out of frustration at the fact that I simply could not find a soap that was: organic, free of chemical additives, and moisturizing. I have eczema and sensitive, dry skin. For years, I saw multiple dermatologists and tried dozens of different soaps, body washes, steroid creams, and lotions. Nothing worked long term. I'm also a passionate environmentalist and I was frustrated that it was near impossible to find palm-oil free soap.

"I realized I was going to have to create my own soap. So I did. I applied my corporate research experience to skincare and began working with two expert soap makers to formulate and test. Two years and 77 test batches later, we finally had a soap that was:

1. Certified Organic. No pesticide/herbicide residue. 

2. Palm Oil Free. No rainforest destruction.

3. Chemical-additive Free. No detergents, sulfates, or synthetic moisturizers like EDTA.

4. No Added Fragrances or Colors. No endocrine-disrupting phthalates. We use organic essential oils, not fragrances.

5. Highly Moisturizing. Because they're made from ultra-premium, skin-nourishing oils & butters.

6. Sustainable. No plastic bottles or plastic packaging. Vegan.

"This really is the only soap that doesn't irritate or dry my skin. Once you experience our moisturizing soaps, I think you'll agree that they're unlike anything else. Thanks for your support."

Kal Garcia, founder