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Ceramic Soap Dish

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Ingredient Benefit
Oatmeal, powdered Anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E. Skin protectant that contains proteins that help maintain the skin's barrier and natural pH. Proven to reduce itching, dryness, roughness of irritated skin.
Calendula (marigold flower) Reduces skin redness, swelling, bruising, and wound healing. Improves skin hydration and firmness.
Comfrey root, powdered Used for wound healing, burns, and bruises. Clinically proven to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling of muscles and joints.
Aloe Vera Moisturizing. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial. Used medically to treat burns and heal wounds.

Stylish, ridged design allows your soap to dry out quickly, stay firm, and last longer. Cream color matches with any bathroom decor. An excellent gift to pair with our soaps.

Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" (9 cm x 9 cm) 

Why ceramic?

  • Ceramic doesn't harm the environment and doesn't need to be coated with any chemicals.  It is waterproof and mold proof, making it the best option for a soap dish.

  • Plastic is made from fossil fuel which contributes to global warming.  There's already way too much plastic floating in the ocean. 91% of plastic is not recycled and ends up in the ocean or landfill where it stays for 400 years.

  • Wood soap dishes are often made from endangered rainforest woods like teak which contributes to global warming and environmental destruction.  Bamboo soap dishes are better from a sustainability perspective but they (like other wood dishes) are coated with questionable and potentially harmful chemicals to make them waterproof and mold resistant.

  • Concrete, like wood, is a porous material and needs to be coated with anti-mold and waterproofing chemicals of questionable safety.

Most people report that our soaps last 3 to 5 weeks, which is much longer than regular soap. Why? Because: 1. We use cocoa butter or shea butter which results in a harder, longer-lasting bar. 2. Our soaps are cured (air dried) for several weeks, making them harder and longer lasting.

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